Ryo Natoyama and Good Night Ukulele

Ryo Natoyama's Good Night Ukulele logo

Ryo Natoyama, an ukulele virtuoso from Japan, has been live streaming Good Night Ukulele almost every weekday night since the beginning of April. When you tune in, you might find that the screen is dark with only some dim candle light. Don’t worry. That’s how he sets the scene for his concerts. You’ll hear him quickly tune his ukulele, then he just starts playing music in the dark. Ryo plays his ukulele non-stop for 45 minutes—all quiet, relaxed tunes to help you settle down and sleep.

Of course, because of the time difference, if you live in the US instead of Japan then his livestreams are in the morning. Still, I have been enjoying starting my day with his ukulele music that goes very nicely with a cup of morning coffee!

If you are already familiar with Ryo Natoyama, then I’m sure you are already a fan of his music! But did you know that Ryo Natoyama also makes his own ukuleles? Shortly after he started playing the ukulele at age 12, he also learned how to make them. He’s created more than 10 beautiful ukuleles so far. He even created an album, My Dear Ukulele, in 2018 which showcases eight of his ukuleles each used to play a different song. Knowing that definitely deepened my appreciation of his music and of the special sounds he pulls from each of his ukuleles.

To learn more about Ryo Natoyama, check out his official website.

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