Writing and Recording a Second Album

Picture of DAW session for a new song.

Hello! Sho here. I’m excited to announce that I’ve started work on my second album! Over this past year, I haven’t been very active in my life as a musician - I didn’t post much on social media, and I didn’t do very many performances either. However, I didn’t stop creating - I made sure to record the melodies and chord patterns I liked in some way so I can work on them later. Now that I have finally graduated high school, the time has come to start building on those ideas.

Interestingly, in a year where I didn’t play ukulele as much, I started writing guitar riffs instead. If you don’t know, my brother Shin Humphries (link to his Instagram here) is an avid guitarist, and like me has always been a fan of rock music. My guess is that instead of being inspired by what I could play, instead I started to be inspired by what I was hearing around me. While I’ve just started to flesh out these ideas, there’s two that I think will probably end up on the album. While the riffs themselves rock out, I probably will flesh them out with more lofi styled beats - I really like the feeling of the driving rock rhythm combined with a more mellow electronic sound.

I also plan to flesh out some of the ukulele songs I have been playing - “Rising Hope”, “One Day”, and “Star for You”. I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do for all of them, but perhaps collaboration is what will bring what I want out of those pieces!

Finally, the last song is actually one that I wrote from pre-arranged chord and drum loops from Cymatics. I started hearing a melody on top of it, so I went ahead and wrote that out in midi. I’m now writing lyrics to it - I’m pretty new to that, so I’ll definitely have more to write about it as I go!

That gives me six songs to make a nice EP with. I’ll keep you all updated on how that’s going, and some things that have helped me as well as details on the songs!

Signing off for now,

Sho Humphries

* * *