Part 2: Writing and Recording a Second Album!

Spitfire LABS website

Last post, I mentioned that I was writing some songs with lyrics. Something that’s been helping me write the lyrics to them is SynthV, a vocal synthesizer (you might be familiar with its competitor Vocaloid which is especially known for its “Hatsune Miku’’ voice bank). I can hear the flow of the words in real time, and even put inflections and rough phrasing as I go to get an idea for how the lyrics should be sung, too. What’s especially cool is that I can do this all for free - while the lite version of SynthV does not allow commercial use (so I can’t post or release anything with it), it does allow personal use, like making lyric drafts! While I do have to work with it in a separate software, I can export the audio out of it to put into my DAW to work on with the rest of the song.

Another tool that I’ve been enjoying using is LABS by Spitfire Audio. It’s free for both commercial and personal use, so you might hear this on the finished songs! It has a lot of libraries, but the main ones I use are the drum kit and the bass guitar synthesizers. They have a nice warm sound that feels very natural, even before I use features like “humanize” to try and make it sound less artificial. While the drums have a nice sound, the bass doesn’t stand on its own - but that doesn’t matter because I can always layer it with the more plucky sounding midi basses that come with the DAW, rounding out the sound overall.

These tools have been helping me a lot in making my album! I’ll write more next week.

Signing off,

Sho Humphries

* * *