Shin Humphries


A guitarist, composer, producer, and aspiring bassist who posts song ideas on Instagram weekly as shinhumphries. You can also keep up with him on his website, He and his brother perform together as the duo, Sho & Shin, and also compose music for short films.

Shin has played guitar since receiving a toy guitar as a Christmas present at the age of 2 when he began his music by performing wildly all over the house, running, spinning in circles, jumping dramatically, and running into the occasional wall. Once he outgrew the toy guitar, he switched to a ¾-scale Yamaha acoustic, then to an Ibanez Gio MiKro electric. With the addition of an Ibanez Gio MiKro electric bass (which he eventually switched out for an Ibanez Gio SR Full-Scale Bass), his music began to sound more like the music he heard in his head. When he was finally allowed to choose his own guitar at age 8, he of course chose a Fender Stratocaster like many of his guitar heros such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Though the Stratocaster was initially a little too big for him, he was determined to play like his heroes and tried to learn as many of their riffs as possible. He took guitar lessons for about 3 years from a teacher who worked with him on textbook technique, but also encouraged him to improvise and improve his own guitar riffs.

These days, Shin primarily listens to prominent YouTube guitarists like Ichika Nito, Mateus Asato, Mario Camarena, Tim Henson, Yvette Young, The Dooo, Nik Nocturnal, Angel Vivaldi, Andy James, Plini, Tosin Abasi, Jason Richardson, Matt Heafy, and Rob Scallon. He practices the guitar by watching their music and learning their songs, and by buying their tabs when the artists make them available.

As much as he loves his guitar collection, he’s always in search of new sounds and techniques, and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and mod his instruments himself to try to match the sounds he hears in his head. Whether different tones, extended range, or unique specs, his insatiable appetite for new and unique sounds mixed with a healthy respect for tradition gives him his own unique views on guitar, bass, and music in general.

Shin is 14 and started high school last fall. He looks forward to sharing his ideas and his musical journey with the world.