Part 3: Writing and Recording a Second Album!


Hello! Sho Humphries here with another album update. I started writing another song that will probably end up being the title track! It came to me all of a sudden in the middle of the night. I wrote it on the guitar, and to my surprise, I had lyrics already in my head, so I wrote those down too. I only had a solid idea for the first half of the song, but it’s nice when songs come to you suddenly like that. When those kinds of things happen, it’s nice to have your instrument in a place where you can grab it immediately and start playing.

I’m also preparing for a performance at Sa-Ten, the Japanese coffee shop that was the first place I performed at several years ago, and I plan to perform the songs I am currently working on there as well. My challenge will be to make these songs that I have been writing without any regard to playing them live, work live.

Then, the day before writing this blog, I started revisiting a song demo that I had originally merged into a duet project (that I plan to release soon), trying to see if I could turn it into something I could perform on my own. I feel like it has great potential, but I have one big problem - I have a vocal melody in my head with no idea what lyrics to pair it with. I will update you next week with how that goes; I’ll be going back to SynthV for now!

Or so I thought. An important consideration when collaborating with other people is that you need to get all of the rights to the song in order. After a day of messing around with the song, I decided to not include on the album because I want to release it over the summer before I go to college, and if I can’t get the rights worked out before then, it actually puts my whole album - and all of the songs on it - into limbo. I plan to release the song later as a double single, so stay tuned!

As to why time is an issue now, only a few days into July, for an album that I’m targeting a release for the middle of August - in order to release an album in time, I actually need to finalize it and push it out to streaming platforms two weeks in advance. For a physical release, you need a whole month. That means I’m actually already too close to the release date for a physical release, and instead only have a few weeks to finalize my songs for a digital release. I’ve decided on doing 4 original songs (one re-recorded from my previous album) and perhaps two covers I like that I have previously put up on my YouTube channel. From now on I’m “in the studio”, I suppose.

That’s all for this week! I’ll check back in next week to let you know how the recording is going.

* * *

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